Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG17-002

Maintenance work is scheduled to be carried out on July 9 between 2am-6am ET.
No downtime or service disruption is expected with this update.


– Fix: Certain users were unable to see all enrolled courses
– Fix: Some recordings had missing chapters after uploading
– Fix: Changes made in Edit Recording Properties sometimes did not save
– Fix: Certain accounts could not be impersonated by administrators
– Fix: Unable to import multiple video clips into a recording
– Fix: Reports not showing new recordings that have not been viewed
– Fix: Email notifications for queued and successfully uploaded audio files were not being sent
– Fix: Certain customers were unable to upload recordings after reaching 90% of the usage quota
– Fix: New courses do not appear in the mobile app unless the user logs out and logs back in
– Fix: Unable to edit existing captions for a recording that was re-uploaded
– Fix: Help Desk account unable to access the Dashboard
– Fix: Unable to view long course names when copying or moving a recording
– Fix: Unable to restore an archived recording if quota has been exceeded
– Fix: User and institution names are not displayed for some users in the mobile app
– Fix: Incorrect information displayed on the Tegrity diagnostic page
– New: Notification to mobile apps when a new recording is available
– New: Support for upcoming mobile app updates
– New: PC Recorder (installable package on the Dashboard will be updated on 7/16/2017)

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