Scheduler Overview

Tegrity Scheduler enables Tegrity administrators to automate the recording of class sessions on any Tegrity-enabled classroom computer (i.e., where the Tegrity recorder has already been installed).

Tegrity Scheduler enables the Tegrity administrator to:

  • Create and maintain automated recording schedules for specific classroom computers
  • Create recurring recording schedules for ongoing courses
  • Create one-time recording schedules for special events such as guest lectures
  • Specify whether an instructor is notified when recording begins and ends
  • Specify whether to launch the recorder start dialog and end dialog at the pre-scheduled times
  • Copy, cut-and-paste, and delete recording schedules

Note:  The delete function is useful for canceling recording on holidays.

Please note the following requirements for using Tegrity Scheduler:

  • Tegrity recorder must be installed on the classroom computer for which you want to create or edit schedules. It is recommended that you record at least one recording on that computer prior to scheduling the automatic recordings to ensure that audio and video inputs are configured correctly
  • The classroom computer for which you want to create or edit schedules must be logged onto the network
  • You must create or edit schedules at least one hour before the starting time for a class recording
  • During the scheduled recording time, the classroom computer must be powered on and a user must be logged in

Schedules are created on the Administrator’s local PC computer and then published to (and stored on) the institution’s Tegrity instance


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