Troubleshooting: What to do if you can’t view recordings on a Mac

In order to view Tegrity recordings on a MAC, you must have the following installed:

  • Sliverlight
  • VLC plug-ins (not the VLC player)

Sliverlight is a free plugin from Microsoft. VLC is an open source video streaming program that Tegrity previously used within the Tegrity Mac-based playback experience. Recordings created after the December 2009 update, use the Silverlight plug-in during playback on the Mac. Recordings created before the December 2009 update us the VLC plug-in during playback on the Mac.

First, check to see whether your browser (Safari or Firefox) recognizes the Silverlight and VLC Multimedia Plug-in, Version 0.8.6.c

In Safari:

  • Select Help > Installed Plug-Ins menu option
  • Select Edit > Find > Find menu option
  • Enter silverlight in the find field
  • Click the magnifying glass icon next to the find field
  • If a Silverlight entry is not found, then see below.
  • Enter vlc in the find field
  • Click the magnifying glass icon next to the find field
  • If a VLC plug-in entry is found, make sure that it is for Version 0.8.6.c. If the correct version of VLC is not found, see below.
  • For Safari 7+, click here.


In Firefox:

  • Select Tools > Add-ons
  • Select Plugins button
  • Scroll through the plugins list to locate Silverlight and VLC plug-in

If the Silverlight plug-in is not installed, you can download the Silverlight plug-in from the following location:

If the VLC plug-in, version 0.8.6.c,  is not listed within your browser’s plug-ins, you need to remove/trash all VLC plug-in files that are located on your hard disk and then re-install the VLC plug-in. You can download the VLC plug-in form the following location:

In addition, you may need to add your institution’s Tegrity site  to the list of your browser’s cookie exceptions (in Firefox, Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > exceptions on “accept cookies from sites”).

Also, you should add your institution’s Tegrity site to the list of exception sites from which you allow pop-ups.

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