What is AAIRS Direct Login Authentication?

The AAIRS Direct Authentication is how users are authenticated when they attempt to access Tegrity account using AAIRS.

At least one authentication authority must be configured to enable direct login authentication. An authentication connector is not needed if access to your Tegrity service will be via single-sign-on from your LMS.

Authentication is closely tied with Authorization.  Authentication proves the user is who they claim to be.  Authorization provides what content the user is allowed to see and what functions the user is allowed to perform based on the user’s role in each course (i.e., instructor, student).

When a user requests access to Tegrity the AAIRS Authentication module is invoked and attempts to authenticate the user with each authentication authority, in order, until the user is authenticated or there are no more authentication authorities in the list.

If the user is authenticated, the AAIRS begins to process the Authorization module.

If the user is not authenticated, they will be presented with a login failure error.

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