Info: Video Quality of Tegrity Uploads

                                        Understanding the Tegrity Video


When making a Tegrity recording it’s important to understand the two different recording areas. The first is the larger desktop area known as the instructional video, it features the main instructional content. The second is the smaller area known as the instructor video, it’s most often a webcam that features the instructor.

When you go to the Tegrity website and start viewing a recording recognize that Tegrity is actually streaming both the instructional and the instructor video, sometimes other information such as course notes or closed captioning is included in the information stream. In order to keep the video smooth, especially for users who have limited bandwidth, the quality of the videos is reduced to a level that will provide a playable video stream even with limited bandwidth.

You do have the ability to change the output resolution by selecting the recorder settings.

Recorder settings

You can then select the resolution you would like. Note that your choices will be dependent on your webcam’s abilities.

Recorder settings2

Note: The available selections will depend on the specifications of your camera.

As a technical note, please realize that this will not increase the data rate for this video stream. The data rate can be manipulated, in fact all the way up to true HD.  However the resulting files would be far too large to stream effectively.

Other Video formats

The two other video streams that Tegrity can provide are the live webcast and mobile video. The live webcast is a live video stream that captures the desktop area or instructional video and streams it live, note that the recorder is still recording both the instructional and instructor videos during the live webcast and both can be seen when viewing the final uploaded video. The final video stream is the mobile video, again this only captures the desktop area or instructional video. It’s important to note the data rate and therefore quality of this video is the lowest of any of the Tegrity videos. This is primarily because the bandwidth available to mobile devices is typically much lower than a computer attached to a network.

Video quality of Tegrity YouTube uploads

The Video that Tegrity uses when you select “Upload to YouTube” is the instructional video. However, Tegrity does not just upload the video in its current state. The video is processed much the same as the mobile video. Therefore the quality of the uploaded video is less than the original Tegrity recording. If you are concerned about the quality of the YouTube video or if you wish to upload the instructor video you can follow the steps below to upload the original Tegrity video file.


1.       Find the original Tegrity recording or download a new copy of it.

  1. If the recording was made on the computer you are using, you will find it here:C:ProgramDataTegrityrecordings
  2. If you downloaded the recording you will find it here: C:UsersUser_NameDocumentsMy Tegrity RecordingsSessions

(Note that User_ Name will be the account name that you use to login to the computer)

Once you have the recording folder open, find the recording of interest.


Open the folder


Open the “classes” folder


At this point you need to decide if you what the instructor video or the instructional / desktop video.

For the instructional / desktop video open the “projector” folder. The Video file is named “screen.asf”, “screen0” or “new.mp4” (HTML 5)


For the instructor video open the “instructor” folder, the Video file is named “instructor.asf” ,  instructor0.asf”  or “Instructor.mp4” (HTML5)


After selecting the video file you would like to upload, copy it to your desktop or other convenient location. Once copied rename it to something meaningful

Next go to YouTube ( make sure you are logged in with the account you would like to use.

Finally drag the renamed video to the YouTube upload box


You can monitor your uploads using the YouTube video manager.

Updated: June 2015



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