Troubleshooting: Connection to email server is not working properly

If the “Connection to Email server is not working properly” alert is displayed on the Admin Dashboard, then the Email settings for your Tegrity instance may not be configured properly. It is not necessary to configure the SMTP server to receive emails notifications. Only configure the SMTP server if you prefer to send emails from your institution’s SMTP server. Otherwise, you can leave the SMTP fields blank. To configure your own SMTP server, please follow the steps below:

Before you can configure your email settings, you will need to gather the following information:

  • SMTP server:  DNS name or IP address of your institution’s email server. This field is required.
  • Sending user: email address listed in the From field for all emails (admin & helpdesk) sent from your institution’s Tegrity instance. Can be actual email address or something like (where is your institution’s email domain).
  • Administrator email: email address of the Tegrity administrator for your institution that will receive notifications and alerts via email. It must be a single email address (of an individual or an email distribution list). It cannot be multiple email addresses.
  • Helpdesk email: email address used for instructors, staff, and students to send help requests. Used when a user fills out the form under Help > Get Support.
  • SMTP User ID:  user ID of SMTP account (only needed if your SMTP email server requires a login in order to send email).
  • SMTP User password: password associated with the SMTP user ID (only needed if your SMTP email server requires a login in order to send email).

To change the email configuration settings use the following instructions.

  1. Login to your Tegrity instance with and administrator account.
  2. On the Tegrity Admin Dashboard, click the Email and Connection Settings link.
  3. Enter information into the following fields:
    • SMTP server
    • Sending user
    • Administrator email
    • Helpdesk email
    • SMTP User ID
    • SMTP User password
  4. Click OK button.

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