Tegrity Reports For Admins

As an administrator, you are permitted to prepare Tegrity utilization reports.


What can custom analysis reports tell you?

For institutions:

  • Usage trends over time
  • Which courses have the most or the least usage
    • infer which other courses would benefit from Tegrity
  • Which recording download format is most popular
  • Which instructors have the most or least recordings
    • Identify which instructors may be good mentors
    • Identify which instructors may need assistance or encouragement

For instructors:

  • Which recordings are most viewed or downloaded
  • Which chapters within recordings are the most viewed
    • May indicate areas that need more explanation or review
  • Which students have most or least usage.

All reports provide results at one of two levels:

  • The instructor level
    • For users who are instructors
    • Results provided only for courses where the user is enrolled as instructor
  • Institution level
    • For users who are executives and administrators
    • Results provided for all courses and all users

Weekly Summary Report:

Weekly summary reports provide administrators and instructors with numerical and graphical summaries of key performance indicators about viewing and recording usage. This includes:

-Number of (online) views

-Number of (unique) active users

-Number of (new) recordings

-Number of (unique) active recording users

Outcome Analysis

An outcome analysis is a quantitative assessment of Tegrity’s impact of students’ grades and course completion rates.

-Note: These should be performed at the end of each term.

This feature of our program allows you to compare courses that use Tegrity versus courses that do not use Tegrity. For example:

-Average grade point and total enrollment

-Average completion rate and total enrollment

Outcome analyses can calculate:

-the number of students that completed a course with help from Tegrity

-the number of additional students that would likely have completed a course if they had used Tegrity

Custom Analysis Report:

This feature allows you to create your own, custom analysis report. You may create a report that analyzes an entire course, a single class, an instructor’s online views or a student’s online views.

Additionally, you can generate a report to analyze views by chapter (thumbnail).

In order to perform this task, the correct tab must be selected from the Report Type drop-down menu.


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