Tegrity PC Recorder standalone installer package installation

The Tegrity Recorder for the PC is available in a standalone installer package. The installer package can be downloaded from the Admin Dashboard using the Download Installable Recorder for PC link.

Click the download link and save the RestEnvPackage.zip file when prompted.

The stand-alone PC Tegrity Recorder installer package consists of the following Microsoft Installer (MSI) packages:

Order MSI Package MSI Package Content
1 SetupUtils.msi Tegrity Video Podcasting Utilities
2 TegVC2013Redist.msi Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable; install on all systems
3 TegVC2013Redistx64.msi Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable; additional install for 64-bit
4 TegInstaller.msi Tegrity Installer
5 setup.msi Tegrity Recorder

Unzip the contents of PC Recorder standalone installer package and install the MSI packages in the order shown above.

NOTE: The setup.msi package MUST be installed last.

The final step in the installation process is to associate the Recorder with your institution’s Tegrity instance. Login to your institution’s Tegrity environment as a user with recording privileges and click on the Start a Recording button to complete this step.

AWS Migration – PC Installer:

The AWS recorder requires Windows OS have the Microsoft .NET 4.5.1 framework or higher installed.

The installation files can be located in admin dashboard.

For PC:

  • Under Recorders and Recordings, click “Download Installable Recorder for PC”
  • Ensure the PC’s have “Microsoft .NET 4.5.1” installed, if not you may download the latest version below:
  • Please note: You may install the .msi files in any order with the exception of the setup.msi, this needs to be the last file to be installed


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