Tegrity Gradebook Integration (Instructors)

The Gradebook integration must first be configured by your Tegrity administrator. Once it is configured, you can enable it in your course settings:


  1. Log in to Tegrity like you normally do
  2. Navigate to your desired course
  3. Click on Course Tasks
  4. Click on Course Settings
  5. Under the Publishing section, check the option labeled Enable gradebook integration

Note: If you do not see this option or if it is grayed out, please contact your Tegrity administrator.

What will I see in my Learning Management System (LMS)?

Once the Gradebook feature has been enabled, a new column will appear in your LMS gradebook for each recording your students view. Only recordings that have been viewed by at least one student will appear in the gradebook.

If you have enabled student recording or test proctoring, you will also see corresponding Student Recordings and Proctored Recordings columns. Students will be awarded one point for each recording they make.

What should my students do?

Students can view your recordings the same way they always do. However, when students are finished viewing a recording, they should click on the course title or ‘Courses’ at the top of the Tegrity Player window. This will ensure that they receive credit for watching the recording. Students will receive partial credit if they only view a portion of a recording.

Students must also be logged in to receive credit. If students view a recording using an anonymous link, they will not receive credit.



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