Tegrity Gradebook Integration (Administrators)

This article will walk you through enabling the Gradebook integration which allows instructors to track students’ viewings and recordings in your Learning Management System (LMS). Depending on your LMS, you may need to complete some configuration steps on the LMS first. The steps are unique for each LMS. Please choose your LMS from the list below to configure the Gradebook connector and return to this article.

To complete this configuration, you will need administrative access to your LMS as well as Tegrity. If you are an instructor, please see this article instead.


Configure LMS and add the Gradebook connector


For instructions specific to your LMS, please choose from the following:


Enable the Gradebook option


 This option will only be available once a Gradebook connector has been added. Tegrity administrators can turn the Gradebook feature on or off at the global level. In addition, Tegrity administrators can lock the Gradebook option to either allow instructors to enable the option at the course level or prevent instructors from turning the option off.

  • Global Level

By default, once the Gradebook connector has been configured, the Gradebook option will be available to instructors in the Course Settings page but it will not be enabled. Tegrity administrators can enable it in all courses or lock the option to prevent instructors from changing it.

    1. Log in to the Tegrity Admin Dashboard
    2. Click on Manage Course Settings
    3. Under the Publishing section, find the option labeled Enable gradebook integration
    4. To enable the Gradebook in all courses, check the second checkbox
    5. To lock the option and prevent instructors from changing it, check the first checkbox

Ex: If the first checkbox is checked and the second is unchecked, the Gradebook option will not be turned on and instructors will not be able to turn it on at the course level.

  • Course Level

If allowed, instructors can turn the Gradebook feature on for individual courses.

    1. Log in to Tegrity like you normally do
    2. Navigate to your desired course
    3. Click on Course Tasks
    4. Click on Course Settings
    5. Under the Publishing section, check the option labeled Enable gradebook integration

The Gradebook is now configured and turned on. Click the link below to learn more about the Gradebook feature.


Information for instructors is available here.

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