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S3 to S3 Data Copy Service FAQs


Tegrity Campus Subscription customers who want to keep their recordings have the option, prior to June 30, 2020, of contracting our McGraw-Hill’s S3 to S3 Data Copy Service, which will copy all retrievable content located within your institution’s Tegrity Production instance. Your institution’s data will be copied from McGraw-Hill’s Amazon S3 Storage, to your institution’s S3 Storage, which must be set up within Amazon’s Northern Virginia Data Center.

  • McGraw-Hill will initiate, monitor, and test content copy to ensure the customer’s full environment is correctly copied.
  • McGraw-Hill will confirm with the customer that work has been done to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • The customer will revoke access key and secret key once copy is complete and customer confirmation is received.
  • This option will not be available after June 30, 2020.


What content will be copied?

All retrievable instructor recordings, student recordings, student remote proctored exams, and supplemental course content will be copied.


What content will not be copied?

Customers’ Tegrity Archived Courses will not be copied as part of your S3 to S3 Data Copy Service. If a customer wants to copy their archived recordings, the archived recordings will need to be restored to the Course List prior to requesting the S3 copy. Some recordings may not be retrievable due to age or condition.


If temporarily moving recordings from Archive to Production, what happens if moving the data within those courses puts us over our allotted institutional recording quota?

Tegrity’s Account Management and Customer Support Teams will work proactively with the customer during their S3 to S3 Data Copy Service to temporarily increase institutional recording quotas to accommodate these situations.


What format will our institution’s data be copied into?

The customer’s S3 to S3 Data Copy Service is positioned as a raw copy of their institution’s Tegrity course data and is provided with the same folder/file format that is designed to work within the framework of our proprietary Tegrity Campus Subscription Service.


Does McGraw-Hill provide any additional script writing services to help us retrieve our copied content for use within an alternative lecture capture service?

No. The customer will need to write their own scripts to retrieve any copied data or files they might want to reuse or move to an alternative lecture capture service.


Can McGraw-Hill provide our institution with a cross reference to help our institution identify/organize copied content for reuse?

Upon the customer’s request, our Tegrity Dev Engineers/DevOps Teams can provide a cross reference spreadsheet containing the following fields to assist with locating desired files for reuse:

  • Course GUID
  • Course ID
  • Course Name
  • Recording GUID
  • Recording Title
  • Recording Type
  • User ID
  • User Name


Can McGraw-Hill copy our data to an alternative Amazon Data Center?

No. Tegrity will only provide this S3 Data Copy Service for customers who set up their S3 environments within Amazon’s Northern Virginia Data Center.


What is needed to initiate this S3 to S3 Data Copy Service?

The following items are required before your S3 to S3 Data Copy Service can be scheduled:

  • A fully executed statement of work
  • Your institution’s purchase order for the S3 to S3 Copy Service
  • Confirmation of the creation of your institution’s contracted S3 environment within Amazon’s Northern Virginia Data Center
  • Your institution’s S3 Access Key and a Secret Key with read/write/list for their storage bucket


What is the estimated time for the full S3 to S3 copy to be completed?

Once all the above items are received, the customer’s S3 to S3 Data Copy is estimated to take 2 weeks from the date of service scheduling to be completed. Our McGraw-Hill Tegrity Support Team, in conjunction with our McGraw-Hill DevOps team will work with the customer’s local campus Tegrity Administrators to confirm that all correct configurations and keys are received and set up correctly prior to the initiation of the customer’s S3 to S3 Data Copy Service.


How much does McGraw-Hill charge for the S3 to S3 Data Copy Service? 

The cost of the customer’s S3 to S3 Data Copy Service will be based on the size of its Tegrity Campus Subscription Service instance. Upon customer request, your McGraw-Hill Tegrity Account Manager will obtain the current size of the institution’s instance (in Terabytes) and confirm the institution’s cost within a Statement of Work to be provided. Once the service is completed, McGraw-Hill will invoice with net 30 terms.


Are there any additional costs our institution should anticipate for McGraw-Hill’s S3 to S3 Data Copy Service?

McGraw-Hill’s Service Cost does not include the cost of setting up the customer’s S3 environment within Amazon’s Northern Virginia Data Center. Customers are required to contract directly with Amazon for the creation of their S3 environment within the Northern Virginia Data Center.

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