How to: Reprocess a Recording

An existing recording can be reprocessed by a Tegrity Administrator in order to:

  • Create or re-create enhanced audio podcast
  • Create or re-create video podcast
  • Complete or re-perform post-processing of a recording
  • To force Status change to “Error” to enable deletion from course

To reprocess a recording:

  1. On the Admin Dashboard, select Reprocess Tegrity Recordings under Service Settings and Maintenance.
  2. Click Select re cordings for a Course button.
    • The course/instructor search and selection dialog is displayed.
  3. In the Instructor field, enter the name or ID of the Instructor and select the desired instructor from the pop-up list.
    • Optionally, enter part or all of a course name to narrow the search.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Select the desired course from the search results list and click OK. The Reprocess Tegrity Classes page appears displaying the list of recordings for the selected course.
  6. Select one or more recordings by clicking the associated check box.
  7. Click Re-process at the bottom of the recording list.

The selected recordings have been added to the reprocessing queue. The reprocessing process runs once per hour in the background. The amount of time it takes to reprocess the selected recordings depends on the number of recordings , type of processing to be performed, and recording duration.

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