Quick Start – Setting up your Tegrity account with Blackboard

You will need:

  • Your welcome email from Tegrity.  Please contact Tegrity Support if you need another copy of your welcome email.
  • Administrator access to Blackboard to install Building Blocks

Step 1: Install the Tegrity Building Block in Blackboard

      1. Download the Tegrity Building Block for Blackboard.
      2. Login to Blackboard as the administrator and install the Building Block.
      3. Configure the Building Block your Tegrity Customer Number and integration Shared Secret from the welcome email. Click to view full-sized image
      4. Submit

        Click to view full-sized image

Step 2: Run the Setup Wizard

      1. Login to Tegrity using your login URL, Service Admin username, and password from your welcome email.  The first time you login the Setup Wizard will automatically start.Click for full-sized image
      2. Upload your institution logo and set the color.  The logo can be any size up to 40 pixles high by 240 pixles wide.Click for full-sized image
      3. Set the email addresses.
      4. Save & Continue
      5. Since you have already installed the Tegrity Building Block in Blackboard, Tegrity AAIRS will automatically detect and integrate with your Blackboard.Click for full-sized image
      6. Save & Continue
      7. If all is well, all of the test should pass on this page.  Click the Details & Help link next to any test that fails for more information.Click for full-sized image
      8. Continue.
      9. Activate the service.  The service must be active before you can login.Click for full-sized image
      10. Finish

Step 3: Login to Tegrity as a user from Blackboard

      1. Browse to the login URL for your Tegrity account.
      2. Login with a username and password for an instructor or student in Blackboard.Click for full-sized imageWelcome Sample Instructor 5 17 2016

Step 4: Optional fine tuning

    1. Login to Tegrity using your login URL, Service Admin username, and password.
    2. Select ‘Setup Integration’.
    3. If you do not wish to use the Self Registration feature, remove it from the Authentication and Authorization modules by clicking ‘Edit’, clicking on the ‘trash’ icon in the upper-right corner of the Self Registration block, and Saving the changes.
    4. Tegrity has the ability to place direct SSO links in Blackboard courses for students and instructors.  The links are not placed in any courses by default.  You can enable them by clicking ‘Edit’ on the Blackboard block in the Interlinks module, then press the ‘Advanced Filters’ button, and changing the filter to ‘Include everything, exclude nothing’ or uploading a CSV list of course IDs where you would like the links to appear.

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