Moving Courses manually to and from Past Courses

Instructors are able to manually move Active Courses to the Past Courses tab.

If you do not currently see a Past Courses tab, one will be created when you move the first course.

How do I move a Course to Past Courses

To move a course to Past Courses:

  1. Log into your Tegrity instance and enter the course you wish to move
  2. Click “Course Tasks”
  3. Click “Move to Past Courses”


The course is instantly moved to Past Courses.

Courses will be arranged alphabetically by course name.

Can I move courses back to Active Courses

Yes, you can move a course back to the Active Courses tab by:

  1. Log into your Tegrity instance and click the “Past Courses” tab
  2. Click the course you wish¬† to move to “Active Courses”
  3. Click “Course Tasks”
  4. Click “Move to Active Courses”


The course is instantly moved to Active Courses


Moving courses to Past Courses does not impact students ability to view recordings in the course.

When a course is moved to Past Courses there will be no record button, this is expected behavior.

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