Media Room Mode Overview

The Media Room Mode is designed to help capturing multiple video sources (document camera, DVD-VCR combo, etc.), which may be available in a classroom.

In order to utilize the Media Room Mode, a video switcher or multimedia processor has to be available.

Media Room Overview

Comments on the diagram:

  • All the audio inputs (Room Microphone, DVD/VCR, and PC audio) are routed with the Audio/Video switcher (balanced using an audio mixer, which is not shown on the diagram), split, and output to loudspeakers and the Host Machine (Tegrity Recorder PC)
  • Instructor Camera can be connected directly to the Host Machine, as shown on the diagram. Or, instead, the camera can be routed through the switcher. If a webcam is used as the Instructor Camera, it is usually connected to the Host machine directly

The Host Machine has to be able to accept all the video and audio signals, so, depending on the type of video switcher, it may be necessary to  equip  the Host Machine with an HDMI, HD/HD-SDI, VGA, RGB capable grabber card.

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