LTI: Using Basic LTI to integrate Tegrity

Tegrity supports the Basic LTI standard defined by the ‘IMS Global Learning Consortium’ as a learning tool provider.

For D2L BrightSpace, please see the following article.

To integrate your ‘Learning Management System’ using ‘Basic LTI calls’, craft the launch links as follows:

  • Url:
  • Tool provider key: [YOUR TEGRITY CUSTOMER ID]
  • Tool provider secret: [YOUR TEGRITY SHARED SECRET]
  • Custom parameters: application_type=Tegrity

IMPORTANT: If the ‘Learning Management System’ you are using has an AAIRS connector, it is highly recommended you integrate Tegrity using the AAIRS connector rather than using ‘Basic LTI calls’. This is due to the fact that the AAIRS connectors provide more functionality than is offered by the ‘Basic LTI standard’.

For a list of ‘Learning Management Systems’ that support the ‘Basic LTI standard’ visit

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