June 2015 Highlights for Instructors

Mac Recorder

The Summer 2015 Update brings with it a number of improvements to the Mac Recorder.   The Mac Recorder gains the ability to process and upload recordings in the background, and its look and feel has been updated to be consistent with the PC recorder.   In addition, support for Enforced Login has been added to the Mac Recorder.

Live Webcast

Furthering our goal of making class time available anytime, anywhere, students can now view their classes live as they are happening.   With a click of a check box, instructors can choose to broadcast their class live over the web while also recording the class.   Students access Tegrity as they normally would, either directly or via their Course Management System (CMS), and will see a “Live Now” indicator next to any class being broadcasted live. Webcasting relies on the real-time processing facility described below.

Faster Uploads

Tegrity has added real-time processing capabilities in this update.   Today, the post-processing of a Tegrity recording begins once the recording is completed.   With real-time processing, recordings are processed as they are being captured, in real-time.

Assuming a high-speed Internet connection is available, recordings will be fully uploaded just minutes after the recording is ended (versus the approximate 30 minutes it takes today for that same recording).

The Tegrity Recorder automatically determines if the computer has sufficient capacity to perform real-time, background processing.   Administrators can override the default automatic setting as needed. Real-time processing is only available for PC-based recorders at this time.


Remote Proctoring

Allowing exams to be taken remotely provides today’s busy students (and those with special needs) the utmost in flexibility; but other than forcing them to travel to a formal proctored facility, ensuring the integrity of the exam can be a real challenge.   Until now that is!

Introducing Tegrity’s new Remote Proctoring feature.   As the student takes an exam remotely, the Tegrity Remote Proctor feature captures all screen activity, as well as video of the exam taker – without the ability to pause.   Once the recording is complete, it is automatically uploaded to the appropriate course, where it is immediately accessible by the instructor for potential review at up to 8x speed.

However, the mere fact that the recordings are available is typically enough to prevent cheating.   Now institutions can have their cake and eat it too, providing students the flexibility they need, while easily maintaining the integrity of exams taken off-campus.

Institutions and instructors can optionally present content to students providing policy and instructions for test taking.

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