June 2015 Highlights for Administrators

Reach the Cloud

No Servers. No Software. No Headaches.
With Tegrity, there’s no need to install, manage or maintain any servers, software or clasroom-based appliances. Tegrity is delivered via a high-performance cloud-based infrastructure, making it easy to deploy quickly and scale rapidly.

Live Webcasting

Furthering our goal of making class time available anytime, anywhere, students can now view their classes live as they are happening.   With a click of a check box, instructors can choose to broadcast their class live over the web while also recording the class.   Students access Tegrity as they normally would, either directly or via their Course Management System (CMS), and will see a “Live Now” indicator next to any class being broadcasted live. Webcasting relies on the real-time processing facility described below.

Admin Dashboard

We’ve made a number of improvements to the admin interface, putting everything administrators need to manage Tegrity in one place – with improved navigation.   The summer 2015 Update also introduces a number of new management capabilities, as follows:

  • Additional customization options for the login page that give institutions more control over the look and feel of Tegrity.
  • The ability for the administrator to impersonate other users.   This is useful when an administrator would like to confirm that a specific instructor is seeing the appropriate course list, for example.
  • Administrators are now able to install the Recorder, and are provided access to the Recorder MSI installer for use with administrative tools for managing standard computer configurations.
  • New  “Events and Alerts” section (see figure 1 below) is a convenient area to display events that occur (e.g.   recording completed processing) or alerts of conditions needing administrator attention.

New AAIRS Connectors

Tegrity AAIRS™ is unlike any other integration technology in the Lecture Capture space, because it runs as a web service, reaching out to the CMS/SIS or authentication source in real-time, each time a user logs in.   AAIRS™ provides an easier, more seamless way to integrate Tegrity with your CMS/SIS or authentication source for authentication, authorization and identity management.

With Tegrity AAIRS™, integration is setup through a simplified drag-and-drop interface (see figure 2 below).    Due to its transactional nature, there is no need to manage or monitor batch import/export processes (since there is no actual duplication, or synchronization, of data occurring).

The result is an integration that is always up-to-date, never needs any manual intervention, and doesn’t strain IT resources.   Tegrity AAIRS™ even configures itself, and administrators can typically establish the connection to their CMS/SIS and/or authentication source in about 10 minutes!

This update adds AAIRS™ support for Blackboard, WebCT, Angel, Sakai, Moodle, eCollege, Active Directory, LDAP, Google Calendar and more

Faster Processing

Tegrity has added real-time processing capabilities in this update.   Today, the post-processing of a Tegrity recording begins once the recording is completed.   With real-time processing, recordings are processed as they are being captured, in real-time.

Assuming a high-speed Internet connection is available, recordings will be fully uploaded just minutes after the recording is ended (versus the approximate 30 minutes it takes today for that same recording).

The Tegrity Recorder automatically determines if the computer has sufficient capacity to perform real-time, background processing.   Administrators can override the default automatic setting as needed. Real-time processing is only available for PC-based recorders at this time.

Other Enhancements

Recorder and Recording Monitoring

The Summer 2015 Update also provides administrators with the ability to monitor recording computers and recordings more closely.   Administrators can see a searchable and sortable list of all the Tegrity Recorders that have been installed or Recordings that have been created. The Recorder monitor provides information such as the computer name, number of recordings in the queue, and status (recording, processing, uploading, ready or offline).  The Recording monitor provides information about the recording title, status, recording date/time, course ID and Name, and recording user. The most recent 100 recordings or recordings ar displayed.

Continuous Uploads

In order to provide quicker availability to students, the recordings in the PC queue that are ready for upload will be uploaded even when Tegrity is recording.

Improved Delivery Options

Institutions and instructors can now allow  students to use the Tegrity Mobile app to stream podcasts but restrict podcast downloads/subscriptons.

Non-Supported Browser Notifications

When a user tries to access Tegrity with a non-supported browser, a notification is displayed but the user is allowed to disregard the notification and continue to use Tegrity.

Easier Administrator Logins

Administrators can now log in using the standard login page to access the Admin Dashboard, including when using a Mac.

Same Page Access

Tegrity now opens in the same window as the login page to allow users to use browser controls.

Student and Instructors Get Support Emails

Students and intructors can now send support request emails to their institution’s help desk from within Tegrity.

Improved What’s New Notifications

A user’s decision to not show the What’s New notification is remembered regardless of which browser or computer is used when selecting the checkbox. The What’s New notifications are moveable. Also, the What’s New notifications link out to the the new Tegrity help site with more information.

Separate Ad-Hoc User and Course Enrollment Imports

Ad-hoc users and course enrollments can now be imported separately. This allows the user spreadsheet to be used for authentication and the course enrollments spreadsheet to be used for authorization.

Improved Deep Freeze Support

The Tegrity Recorder for PC was improved to allow easier updates on PC’s running Deep Freeze. Please see How To: Configure Faronics Deep Freeze to use with Tegrity Recorder article for additional information.

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