Info: Viewing and Filtering Course List

As a Tegrity admin, you have the ability to access, view, and edit all course content that is present in Tegrity. This allows you to effectively manage and oversee your Tegrity service.

The “View Course List” feature is accessible via the Admin Dashboard under the the “Courses” section. The View Course List displays all courses that contain any content regardless of enrollment. Meaning even if a course is from a previous term and currently has no users enrolled, it will still appear in the “View Course List” as long as recordings or additional content exist. ¬†Also note that if a new course has no content it will not appear in the Course List until it contains content.

The courses will not be removed from the list until all content is deleted individually or the entire course is purged.

View Course List

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The course list will appear as above and contain the following columns of information which are fully sortable and filterable. To access the course simply click on the Course Name.

Course ID Course ID as specified from source
Course Name Course Name as specified from source
Instructors IDs Instructor ID as specified from source
Instructor Instructor Name as specified from source
Recordings Number of total recordings present in course
Viewings Number of total views for present course
Last Recording Date of last recording (MM/DD/YY followed by local time)
Last Viewing Date of last view (MM/DD/YY followed by local time)
Instructor Recording Hours Number of total Instructor recordings for present course
Student Recording Hours Number of total Student recordings for present course
Proctoring Hours Number of total Test Proctoring recordings for present course


Filtering the Course List

The course list can be filtered by several different combinations of condition statements. Each of the 8 columns mentioned above contain the filter button and a value entry box below the title which will allow you to set these conditions. Simply click the filter button which will drop down the conditions you may select and enter the desired filter value.

For example you could filter to view all recordings “Equal to” a specific instructor “Greater Than” a specific date or you could filter to view all courses that were recorded to “Equal to” a specific date that totals “Less Than” a certain number of views. There are numerous possible combinations which allow you to view data from several different aspects.

Contains Does Not Contain
Starts With Ends With
Equal To Not Equal To
Greater Than Less Than
Greater Than or Equal To Less Than or Equal To
Between Not Between
Is Empty Not Is Empty
Is Null
Not Is Null

Note: Filter values need to be entered exact or incorrect data may be returned. Be aware of extra blank spaces and typos. Also date and time formats need to be in same format as data, for ease of use, the calendar selector is available.

You can restore the default course list and clear all applied filters simply by clicking towards the bottom left hand corner.


Sorting the Course List

To sort the course list simply click the desired column title. Clicking back and forth will sort ascending and descending.


Purging in the Course List

Purging all content in the course allows you to delete all content from a course thus removing it from the course list. Note that this will delete all content for good and restoring this content is not possible. This is permanent and will prompt you to confirm by entering the text “DELETE” to finalize the action. To initialize the process check the corresponding check-box to the left of the course name and select “Purge” from the actions menu in the bottom left hand corner.



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