Info: Tegrity Campus service automatic update process

The Tegrity Campus service includes one major update per year, typically in the early Summer, along with maintenance updates as needed.

The update occurs in the early morning between 1:00am and 6:00am on the scheduled update date.   During the update process, please plan for your Tegrity service to be unavailable.  You do not need to have staff present during the update process. The update will be handled by Tegrity; no effort is required by your institution’s staff to enable the update.

All Tegrity service updates are controlled and managed from the cloud. When your institution’s Tegrity instance is updated, it automatically initiates a download and installation of the new update. After the instance is updated, the Tegrity recorders (both PC and Mac-based) update themselves in a similar fashion by communicating with your institution’s Tegrity instance.

If your institution uses restricted or automatically re-imaged PC or Mac environments, then we request that you refresh the image with the new recorder at least once per year after the main Tegrity updates are applied.

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