Info: AAIRS Secure Gateway (ASG)

What is it?

In cases where your authentication platforms are behind a firewall and not externally accessible, you will need to install the AAIRS Secure Gateway™ (ASG). The AAIRS Secure Gateway™ makes the AAIRS services available as local services that your authentication platforms can access.

Who needs it?

Typically, customers have been opening their firewall to the systems that Tegrity uses to perform authentication, simplifying the overall process. Alternatively, the ASG can be used if your authentication authorities cannot be made accessible to Tegrity servers from outside your network; this may be the case with LDAP and Active Directory. Newer authentication/Single Sign-On services such as Shibboleth were designed from their inception to handle services being on multiple networks, so the ASG would not be necessary.

What is required to run the AAIRS Secure Gateway?

The ASG can be installed on any computer or virtual machine within your institution’s network that is running Microsoft Windows. Note: It requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

How does the authentication process work with ASG?

• The ASG initiates a connection to the AAIRS server over TCP port 80
• When a user logs into the Tegrity website, AAIRS communicates the authentication request to the ASG
• The ASG passes the AAIRS authentication request to the LDAP server
• The ASG passes the LDAP server response back to AAIRS
• All communication between AAIRS and ASG are encrypted


Download the file.

Before running the executable, please add the following entry to the HOSTS file located in the
%WINDIR%\System32\drivers\etc\ folder:
Please contact Tegrity Support if you need assistance with this step.

Extract and run TegASGsetup64_101.exe
Click “Next >” to start the Tegrity ASG installation process
ASG step 1
When prompted, enter your Tegrity Customer ID, then click “Next >”
If you do not know your Tegrity Customer ID, please contact Tegrity Support.
ASG step 2
Now click “Install” to install Tegrity ASG
Click “Finish” to complete the Tegrity ASG installation
ASG step3
After installation of the ASG client, please work with Tegrity Support to complete your authentication over ASG configuration.

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