How to: View your instructor’s recordings

As a Tegrity user, you can playback your professors’ recordings from anywhere, at anytime.

There are multiple ways to view your instructors’ recordings:

Below are instructions on how to access Tegrity via a web browser on a computer.

Logging in:

For most, logging onto Tegrity requires logging onto your school’s website (for example BlackBoard) and clicking on the Tegrity link. You do not have a separate password for Tegrity — your Tegrity account can be accessed through your school’s website.

If you’re not sure where to find Tegrity within your school’s website, check with your school’s help desk or technical support team.

When you open Tegrity, you will see a list of your courses.

student course list

Select the course where the recording you want to view is located.

All of your instructor’s recordings will be listed in order of the date they were uploaded. You can use the View By option to change the order of the recordings.

View By

Upon clicking on the recording you wish to view, the recording will expand showing a series of thumbnails (images) from your professor’s recording.

Tegrity automatically divides the recording into chapters, making it easier to navigate through the material.

Resume button

If you don’t finish watching a recording, Tegrity will automatically keep track of where you left off. Click on the Resume Watching button above the thumbnails to begin in the exact spot where you left off.


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