How to: Use CSV files with Tegrity AAIRS for handling multiple IDs per user

NOTE: This is a variation on the article How to: Use CSV files with Tegrity AAIRS specifically to handle Shibboleth and ID management systems which support multiple IDs per user (e.g. a Login ID and an Internal ID). If this attribute is not part of your system, please refer back to the original article.

There are two methods to use CSV files with Tegrity AAIRS:

1. Keep the CSV files in a secure location on your own webserver so they are easy to update (recommended)


2. Upload the CSV files to Tegrity using SFTP

CSV Integration Option 1: Keep the CSV files on your own webserver

Use the following steps to add Custom AAIRS connectors to use CSV files for user, course, and/or enrollment information. A Custom AAIRS connector may be needed for both Authentication (user ID/password confirmation) and Authorization (courses and enrollments).

1. Login to your Tegrity instance as a user with admin access.

2. On the Admin Dashboard, click Manage AAIRS link.

3. Click ‘edit’ in the Authentication section of the Manage AAIRS page.

4. Drag the ‘Custom’ connector to the left side

5. Enter a title (such as ‘CSV connector’)

6. Enter the Service URL:

7. Enter the Extended Properties in this format:

data_url=;app_user=authorizeduser;app_user_password=thepassword; person_file=persons.csv;group_file=courses.csv;membership_file=enrollments.csv

a. data_url = The full URL to the directory where the CSV files are located. This location must be accessible via the Internet (http or https). It can be a protected directory.
b. app_user = The username of user that has access to the protected directory. You may omit this or leave it blank if the directory is not protected.
c. app_user_password = The password of the user that has access to the protected directory. You may omit this or leave it blank if the directory is not protected.
d. person_file = The name of the file that contains the user information in CSV format. The user file values are: user id, first name, last name, email (optional), password (optional)
e. group_file = The name of the file that contains the course or group information in CSV format. The group file values are: course id, course name
f. membership_file = The name of the file that contains the enrollment or membership information in CSV format. The membership file values are: course id, user id, role. The roles can be either “S” (without quotes) for students or “P” for instructors/professors.

8. Click Save button to save the changes to the Authorization section (you can then click ‘Edit’ again to test the connector with the ‘Test’ button).

9. Repeat steps 3 thru 8 above for the Authorization section.

10. Click Save & Continue button to finalize all of the changes

CSV Integration Option 2: Upload the CSV files to Tegrity using SFTP

NOTE – Please contact Tegrity if you wish to use this option so we can provide you with the SFTP account.

AAIRS configuration:

Custom Connector:
Title: CSV
Service URL:
Extended Properties:

Upload the CSV files to:

SFTP Host:
Port: 22 (SSH)
Username: FTP-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (replace the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX with your Tegrity Customer Number) Password: xxxxxx (please contact Tegrity for your SFTP password)
Upload folder: /home/XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

The CSV files should be named:


In order to preserve the datasets until the files are fully uploaded, the CSV files are not processed until a control file is uploaded.
The control file can be a simple blank text file with a “.ctrl” extension. For log readability, it is best to name this control file with the following pattern: YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm.ctrl For example:


The upload process should be:

1. Upload the csv files (in any order — also, you do not need to always upload all three files unless they all contain changes)
2. Upload the control file to start the processing

Sample CSV Files:

The following are sample CSV snippets. The first row indicates the fields and should not be included in the actual files.

Person / User:

  • User ID, First Name, Last Name, Email (optional), Password (optional) Login ID (optional)
  • student1,Sample, Student,,
  • instructor1,Sample,Instructor,,

Group / Course:

  • Course ID, Course Name
  • BIOL101,Biology 101
  • ANAT101,Anatomy 101

Membership / Enrollment:

  • Course ID, User ID, Role (P=professor/instructor, S=student)
  • BIOL101,instructor1,P
  • ANAT101,instructor1,P
  • BIOL101,student1,S
  • ANAT101,student1,S

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