How to: Upload a downloaded recording on Mac

Downloaded recordings will be stored: /Users/TegSupport/Videos/My Tegrity Recordings/Sessions

Recordings will have a folder with a naming convention like: ComputerScience101A_Lecture21Apart2-ACex_0aed7d61cf0a4c698fab77a520361c39

Each recording folder will contain 2 folders:

  • Player
  • Recording

To upload a downloaded recording, please:

  1. Log in to your Tegrity account the usual way and access the course you wish to upload to
  2. Roll your mouse pointer over Course Tasks and select Upload a Recording

Upload a Recording Mac

3. A Tegrity Recording window will open, click the + to launch the browse window

Click + sign

4. Navigate to the downloaded recording you wish to upload and select the Recording folder within, see example:

/Users/TegSupport/Videos/My Tegrity Recordings/Sessions/ComputerScience101A_Lecture21Apart2-ACex_0aed7d61cf0a4c698fab77a520361c39/Recording

Navigate to Recording folder

5. Then click Open

The recording will appear in the upload queue

Upload queue Mac

Note: You may queue multiple recordings for upload. During the upload process, stay connected to the internet and do not allow the hard drive to enter sleep mode.

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