How to: Test a Moodle Token For Tegrity Campus

How to Test a Moodle Token for Tegrity Campus

1. Login to Moodle as Admin

2. Under Settings visit –  Site administration / Development / Web service test client

3. In the Web services test client window do the following

a. In the Authentication drop down choose Method choose token

b. In the Protocol drop down choose REST protocol

c. In the Function drop down choose block_mhaairs_gradebookservices

d. Click Select


4. In the REST Protocol: block_mhaairs_gradebookservice window do the following:

a. token = enter the token that was generated and will be used for Gradebook
b. source of grade = mod/assign
c. course id = a numeric value (the number that shows up in the url for a course)
d. type of item = leave blank
e. module = leave blank
f. instance = leave blank
g. number = leave blank
h. grades = leave blank
i. item details = leave blank

5. Click Execute
6. The output should look like the following;


<VALUE>0</VALUE> is a success anything else is considered a fail



NOTE: this is what a failure looks like:


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