How to: Subscribe to a Video Podcast

Video Podcast allows students to subscribe and watch their instructor’s recordings.

Note: Please ensure you have the latest version of iTunes installed and run it at least once to Agree to the terms before proceeding.

To Subscribe to a Video Podcast, navigate to your course.


1. Click on the Course Tasks button.

2. Click on Video Podcasts from the Course Tasks menu.

Video Podcast - Click to enlarge

3. Next, you will see a dialogue box that will prompt you to allow the Tegrity application to access iTunes in order for you to subscribe to obtain the Video Podcasts for the course.

NOTE:  You must have iTunes already installed on your computer in order to subscribe. Click here to download iTunes.

Allow - Click to enlarge

4. In iTunes, click the option in the upper-left corner and select Podcasts.

Top Left select Podcasts

5. You will see a list of your Podcast subscriptions. Select your course from the list.

podcast subscriptions

6.To see all the recordings in your feed, select the Feed tab

Feed Settings download from cloud

You can set up iTunes to automatically download your recordings under settings, or you can select which recording to download from the cloud by clicking the cloud icon.
Alternatively, you can highlight all recording you wish to download, right click any of the highlighted recordings and select download.
A folder will  be created for each of your subscriptions (courses).
After downloading, right click any recording and select “Show in Windows Explorer”.
Or, right click the recording and select “Get Info” to obtain the path to the folder.
iTunes Get Info
Select the File tab, the location will be displayed at the bottom of the page
file location
On Mac, right click and select “Show in Finder”

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