How to: Share a Live Webcast with anonymous users

This article will walk you through the steps to share a Tegrity Webcast with users who are not enrolled in a course.
Please review the full article before proceeding.
If you have a guest speaker, or wish to share a WebCast with users not enrolled in a course, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into the course where the Webcast will be presented
  • Roll your cursor over Course Tasks
  • Click Get Live Webcast
  • Remove the check from the box adjacent to “Do not allow anonymous users to view the recording”
  • You will see an anonymous key is added to the URL
  • Copy the URL, this is what you will provide to anonymous users
  • Click OK



  • Provide instructions to users, including the time the Webcast will start, the Webcast must be in progress for anonymous users to access it
  • If users access the link¬† before the webcast starts they will be presented with a login page
  • Advise users to refresh the page if they are prompted to log in, the Webcast will only be available when it starts
  • Start the webcast 10 to 15 minutes before the presentation starts to allow users to join
  • Be aware that Webcast cannot be paused and users will hear audio and see what is on the screen when they join
  • Anonymous webcast users will not see existing recordings that are available in the course
  • Open all resources required for the presentation before starting the Webcast, see article: Best Practices for Recording
  • To stop users from accessing future Webcast, you can replace the check in the box adjacent to “Do not allow anonymous users to view the recording”, or you can click “Reset live Webcast links”. If you reset the webcast link a new key will be added to the URL for future anonymous links and all previous links will be void.


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