How to: Schedule an Automatic Recurring Class Recording

With the Tegrity Scheduler, our program allows you to set up recordings in advance, meaning recordings start automatically at the time you have selected. For example, if you teach a class every Monday and Wednesday at 3PM, the Tegrity Scheduler can be configured to begin recording automatically at those times without any extra effort. Here’s how:

1. Start the Tegrity Scheduler. (Not downloaded onto your computer? Click here.)

2. If a schedule already exists for the classroom computer you are scheduling:

Click  in the Tegrity Scheduler toolbar, which is circled below in red.

The “Open Tegrity Schedule” window appears.

Select the name of the classroom computer you want to schedule and click “Open”. The Tegrity Scheduler window appears displaying the schedule for the selected classroom computer. Continue now with step 4.

3. If no schedule exists for the classroom computer you are scheduling, create a new schedule:

Click  in the Tegrity Scheduler toolbar.

A new blank schedule appears.

4. Double-click an open time period on the calendar.

Click  in the Tegrity Scheduler toolbar.

The “Recurring Recording” window appears.

5. In the “Instructor” field, select the instructor from the drop-down list. If the instructor’s name does not appears:

a. Click “Add Instructor”. The “Add Instructor” link then changes to “Assign”.

b. Enter the user ID of the desired instructor and click “Assign”. The instructor is added to the drop-down list.

6. Select the course you want to record from the “Course” drop-down list.

Note: Only courses taught by the selected instructor appears in the “Course” drop-down list.

7. Enter “Start Time”. Enter the time in the text box or use the spin control to select the time.

8. Enter a start date from the “Start At” drop-down list. A pop-up calendar appears from which you select the starting date.

9. Enter “End time”. Enter the time in the text box or use the spin controls to select the time.

10. Select an end date from the “End by” drop-down list. A pop-up calendar appears from which you select the end date.

11. Verify that “Recurrence” is selected.

12. Select the check boxed for the days of the week on which the class is given.

13. Click “OK”. The course recording is scheduled and shown on the calendar for all schedule dates.

14. Verify that the recording mode is correct by selecting Edit > Settings to view the selected mode. Select a different mode if necessary.

Publishing a recording schedule

You must associate a schedule with a specific classroom computer by saving the schedule for that computer by name. Saving a schedule for a specific computer is called “publishing a recording schedule”.

1. Click .

2. If you opened an existing schedule to start you session, Tegrity Schedules publishes the schedule for that computer.

3. If this is the first time you are saving this schedule, the “Publish Tegrity Schedule” window appears.

a. Enter the name of the classroom computer in the “Full computer name” field. Use the name found in the Computer Name tab of the “System Properties” window of the classroom computer.

b. Click “publish”. The new schedule is saved for the computer you specified and the dialog closes.

You can now create or update another schedule.

Note: You can also select File > Publish As to save a schedule. This option allows you to publish a schedule to a different computer than the one originally selected. This option should be used with caution because it overwrites an existing schedule if such a schedule exists.

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