How to: Remove and Replace a Blackboard Tegrity Classes link

Copying a Blackboard course with all content will copy the Tegrity Classes link.
The link in the new course will most likely display an error when users click it.
These instructions show you how to remove the link from a Blackboard course and how to create a new one.


  • When the new link is created in Blackboard using the steps below it also creates a new course in Tegrity
  • If the instructor wishes to use previous course recordings they will need to be copied to the new course

Deleting a Tegrity Classes link from Blackboard

Log into your instance of Blackboard and enter the desired course
Roll your mouse pointer over the ‘Tegrity Classes’ link and click the ‘Tegrity Classes menu item options’ drop down

Tegrity Classes menu item options

Select ‘Delete’

Tegrity Classes Delete

A new window will pop up, click ‘Delete this menu item’

Delete this menu item

In the next window click ‘Delete’

permanently delete

The link has been permanently removed

Note: If you intend creating a new link, it is best practice to delete the original link, rather than hide it


Adding a Tegrity Classes link to a Blackboard course menu

In the Blackboard course menu scroll down to ‘Course Management’

Expand ‘Customization’ and select ‘Tool Availability’

Tool Availability0

On the next page scroll down the list of tools and locate ‘Tegrity Lecture Capture’ and check the adjacent box

Tegrity Lecture Capture

Scroll to the top or the bottom of the page and click ‘Submit’


You should return to the course

Click the plus sign at the top of the course menu area, select ‘Tool Link’

Tool Link

Type a name for the link in the ‘*Name:’ box, example ‘Tegrity Classes’

Click the drop down for ‘Type’ and select ‘Tegrity Lecture Capture’


  • Checking the box adjacent to ‘Available’ makes the link available to anyone enrolled in the Blackboard course
  • Leaving the ‘Available’ check box empty means the link will not be available to students

Tegrity Tool Link

If you have any question or concerns please contact the Tegrity Support team.


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