How to: Record WolfVision document camera output

When using a WolfVision document camera, the user needs to use the Tegrity recorder to select (and display the input from  the corresponding instructional video camera instead of displaying Wolfvision display application.  When the video is recorded as a screen capture using the WolfVision display application, it is using dynamic video capture which results in much larger video file than when being fed in from a Tegrity regulated video source (in this case the Tegrity instructional camera view).

Please use the following steps when making a Tegrity recording and capturing video from a WolfVision document camera (once it is connected to the computer):

  1. Start the Wolfvision doc camera software.
  2. Select the video camera icon in the Wolfvision Panel
  3. Minimize the Wolfvision software.
  4. Launch Tegrity recorder adjust settings as needed and select Record.
  5. Use the Tegrity tray to select the document camera  as the video source.
  6. To minimize the document camera select the computer icon in the Tegrity tray.

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