How to: Record in Multimedia Room Mode

In multimedia rooms or smart rooms where systems such as Crestron are used, Tegrity Recorder can be configured in a way that allows your instructors to continue working with the existing hardware in the manner they are used to, and still be able to record their classes with Tegrity.

When configured properly, Tegrity will record whatever visual content is being sent to the room projector, because that video signal will also be sent to Tegrity.

More on: Multimedia Room Setup, click here.

Recording with Tegrity in Multimedia Room Mode is similar to regular Tegrity recordings with the following difference:

The Instructional Video icon is not available in the toolbar. While recording, instructors should use the Multimedia Room Controller (e.g. the Crestron or Extron switch) to display the various instructional video sources such as a document camera or a DVD/VCR. Whichever video source is projected for the students to see in class will also be automatically captured in Tegrity.

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