How to: Purge courses and associated content

Tegrity admins can purge courses and associated content (e.g., recordings) in Tegrity in order to delete recordings and remove the course from the View Courses List page.

To purge one or more courses and associated content:

1. Login to your Tegrity service as an admin user.

2. Click the ‘View Course List’ link in the Courses block (in the middle, right of the page). The View Course List page list all courses that have existing content.

3. Optionally, filter the ‘View Course List’ page to display the courses that you want to purge. Refer to the Info: Viewing and Filtering Course List help article on how to filter the course list.

4. Select the course(s) that you want to purge.

  • Either, click the checkbox in the left column of the table that is associated with the course.
  • Or, if the course list has been filtered and only the courses that you want to purge are listed, click the checkbox that exists in the course list table header (i.e., upper left corner of the course list table). The checkbox in the course list table header will select the checkbox associated with all courses that are visible in the list.

5. Select the Course Tasks > Purge menu option at the top right of the View Course List page. The Purge Content page will be displayed.

6. Enter the word DELETE in the data entry field on the Purge Content page. This will cause the Purge button to become active.

7. Click the Purge button. The purge process will begin. The content in each of the selected courses will be deleted course by course. Once all content is deleted in a course, it will no longer be visible on the View Course List page.


  • All content associated with a course (i.e., instructor, student and test recordings and additional content) are permanently deleted when a course is purged.
  • Purged content cannot be recovered. The purge function cannot be undone.
  • The purge process can take some time and may continue as a background process.

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