How to: Manage the Recording Queue (for PC)

Although Tegrity automatically uploads your completed class recordings (unless you choose otherwise), our program also offers users the ability to manage their course uploads if they choose. That is, instructors can view the statuses of their uploads, as well as decide to pause and restart uploads at their leisure.


When a Proctored test is stopped the upload queue automatically opens.

It is recommended that you keep the window open until the recording reaches 100%.

The box will automatically close when a Proctored Test reaches 100%.

Viewing your upload queue:

When Tegrity launches, a Tegrity icon inserts itself into your tool bar. Depending on the number of icons in your toolar, you may have to select the arrow to view your hidden icons. Each version of Windows will appear differently. A Windows 10 example is provided below, with the Tegrity icon circled in red.

system tray icon

Right click on the icon, which brings up a series of options.

Select “Check Upload Queue”.

select check upload queue

A box will appear, showing all of your recording uploads and their current progress. Below, you see that the status and progress of each upload has been displayed.

Upload queue

Controlling your upload queue:

Tegrity gives you the option of postponing uploading after it has begun, and continuing at a later time.

Right click the Tegrity icon, just like you would if you were checking the upload status as shown above.

Upon right clicking the icon, options will appear. Select “Snooze Uploading”

click snooze

This option pauses all of your current uploads and waits to restart until you tell it to resume

When you select “Snooze Uploading”, a check mark will appear to the left of the text and the current uploads will be Paused

upload queue paused


To end “snooze” and continue uploading, uncheck the box.


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