How to: Manage Admin Roles (Help Desk Admins)

Tegrity currently allows institution’s to create admin accounts in one of three different admin roles (i.e., Full Admin, Help Desk Admin, Executive Admin).  In addition, full admins have the ability to modify the admin options available to the Help Desk Admins.

The image below depicts the current default settings assigned to the Help Desk Admin role:

help desk defaults

1. To modify the options assigned to the Help Desk Admin role, login to the Tegrity Instance as a “Full Admin”.  Click the Manage Admin Roles option on the Admin Dashboard.

manage admin roles

2. On the “Manage Admin Roles” page, you will be able to modify the permissions of the “Help Desk Admin” by adding or removing the check marks in the checkbox of the options listed.  When you have made all of the modifications to the help desk admin role, click Save to apply the changes.

default help desk roles

3. When the “Help Desk Admin” accesses the Tegrity Instance, the options that have been enabled / disabled will be visible on the admin dashboard.

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