How to: Install the Moodle Block for Tegrity AAIRS (1.9.x)

Moodle Side

Download the Moodle Block for Tegrity AAIRS here

1.    First navigate your Moodle installation folder and find the ‘blocks’ subfolder.

2.    Extract the contents of the Moodle Block for Tegrity AAIRS within the ‘blocks’ folder. A new folder ‘blocks/tegrity’ will be created.

3.    To activate and register the block, login to Moodle as an administrator and navigate to ‘admin/index.php’ path from the root of your Moodle installation. You should receive a message such as:

4.    Now you can navigate to the configuration page and setup the reference to Tegrity.


5.    Set the “Service Adress” field to “”, “shared secret” and “Customer Number” to values provided to you by Tegrity and save the config.

6.    Now Tegrity can be enabled in any Moodle course. This is a required action – the Block cannot enable itself, it has  to be done by an administrator or an instructor. To enable the Block in a course, navigate to a course page and add the block using edit mode (click the ‘Turn editing on’ button):


Tegrity will now be available in that course.

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