How To: Enable Tegrity Gradebook Sync For D2L

You will need:

1. Create a NEW admin account to use for the integration.

The Tegrity Gradebook services require an agent (admin) account to use for the generation of a API user.   Ideally you will use a dedicated account where you are not changing the password often.  If you generate a an API user with your usual admin account, and decide to change the password on that account at a later date, that will invalidate the API user and break the integration.  For the purposes of the remaining instructions, it is highly recommended that you create an admin account to use specifically for the integration.

2. Generate a UserID and UserKey to enable the Gradebook services.

You will be presented with the following page:

  • Replace D2L Host with your institution name without the http/https


  • Click authenticate and it will present the following
  • Click continue

  • You will be taken back to the ID/Key Generation page which will include the new API User Id and API User Key

  • Copy and save newly generated API UserId and API User Key for future use.

3. Configure AAIRS to use D2L Web services for MH Campus Gradebook Services

  • Login to your MH Campus account as the admin (that you received in your welcome email)
  • Navigate to the AAIRS interface (click ‘Manage AAIRS’ from the admin dashboard)

4.  Configure Gradebook Services for D2L

  • Edit the ‘Gradebook section’ and add a ‘Custom’ connector

  • Configure the “Custom” Gradebook connector:

Note: If using Cut and Paste for this step, please use a Text Editor to verify the quotes in Extended Properties below were not converted to “Smart / curly” quotes.  Smart or Curly quotes will cause the service to fail you must use double straight or quotes.

Service URL:
Extended Properties:LTI –{“HostURL”:””,”APIUserID”:”xxxxxxxx”, “APIUserKey”:”xxxxxxxx”,”SSOType”:”LTI”}NON LTI –

{“HostURL”:””,”APIUserID”:”xxxxxxxx”, “APIUserKey”:”xxxxxxxx”}


Note that the ‘Service URL’  and ‘Extended Properties’ are different from Authentication and Authorization (the extended properties can use the same admin account, however the variables for the credentials are different ).

  1. Replace the ‘xxxxxxx’ and ‘’ above with your actual values.

SSOType is an optional parameter if you are using LTI for SSO.

  • Save the Gradebook settings then “Save & Continue”




Proceed here to enable the Gradebook option.


Updated: 4/2015

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