How To: Enable Tegrity Gradebook Sync For Canvas

You will need:

  • Admin access to Tegrity
  • Admin access to the  Instructure Canvas implementation for your institution
  • Open your firewall to allow Tegrity to communicate with your LMS -(Click here for more information)
  • An Instructure Canvas Web services ‘Access Token’ for your account  that can be used to access the Canvas APIs for Gradebook

1. Create an Administrator account in Canvas

You may use an existing Administrator account for your Canvas site

2. Login to Canvas with your Administrator account

3. Create an access token

a. Log in as an administrator

b. Click on the “Settings” in the top right corner of the screen then scroll down

c.  Below “Registered Services” there is a blue button for access tokens under “Approved Integrations:

c. Give the token a name

d. Give the token an expiration date

e.  Click “Generate Token” button


f. Copy the token value from the screen output and store this value




4. Configure MH AAIRS to use Canvas Web services for Tegrity Gradebook Services

  • Login to your Tegrity Admin Dashboard
  • Navigate to ‘Manage AAIRS’


5.  Configure Gradebook Services for Canvas

Scroll down to the Gradebook section.


Select “Edit”

Drag the Canvas connector from the right (Available Connectors) to the left

Canvas GB

Configure the “Canvas” Gradebook connector:

7.   Enter in the required values for the Canvas connector

  • Title: Something to identify connector
  • Canvas FQDN: Your Canvas URL in most cases you will need to include the “https://”
  • Access Token: Canvas API access token (Created in step 1)

  • User Id Origin: Select “Intgernal”, “SIS” or “Login” according to how your instance handles user IDs (see chart at bottom of article)
  • Course Id Origin: Select “Intgernal” or “SIS” according to how your instance handles course IDs (see chart at bottom of article)
  • Secure Gateway: “None”
  • Save the Gradebook settings



When complete scroll to the top or bottom and select  “Save & Continue”


Proceed here to enable the Gradebook option.

Updated: June 2015

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