How To: Enable Tegrity Gradebook Sync For ANGEL

You will need:

  • Angel 7.4 or later
  • Admin access to Tegrity Campus
  • Admin access to Angel
  • Firewall/Network exceptions
  • An Angel username and password for a user that can access the Angel APIs. Typically any Angel admin user can access the Angel APIs.
  • ** If you are running Microsoft Windows 2003 please be sure that your Microsoft Security patches are up to date**

The MH Campus Gradebook Services require that you have single sign-on access properly configured and working from your Angel LMS to MH Campus.   If  you do not have single sign-on  configured for your account, please see the link above.   The MH Campus Gradebook Services utilize the ANGEL Web services.   This article includes the steps for enabling Angel Web services and configuring AAIRS for the MH Campus Gradebook Services.

1. Create an Administrator user account in Angel

This account will only be used for web service access. You may re-use the account that you set up for SSO authentication or authorization.

2. Mark the new user account as API_User

a. Logged in as an administrator, go to Administrator Console->Application->Environment Variables

b. Add an environment variable with a name of “API_USER” and a value of the login for the user account you created in step 1.

3. Configure AAIRS to use Angel Web services for Tegrity Campus Gradebook Services

  • Login to your Tegrity Campus account as the admin
  • Navigate to the AAIRS interface (click ‘Manage AAIRS’ from the admin dashboard)

5.  Configure Gradebook Services for Angel

Note:  If you do not see a configuration area for Gradebook Services in your AAIRS account, you must contact Tegrity Technical Support to get it enabled.

  • Edit the ‘Gradebook section’ and add a ‘Custom’ connector




  • Configure the “Custom” Gradebook connector:

Note: If using Cut and Paste for this step, please use a Text Editor to verify the quotes in Extended Properties below were not converted to “Smart / curly” quotes.  Smart or Curly quotes will cause the service to fail you must use double straight or quotes.


Service URL:
Extended Properties:{“ServerURL”:”YOUR.ANGEL.SERVER.URL”,”APIUser”:”XXXXXX”, “APIPassword”:”XXXXXX”}

Note that the ‘Service URL’  and ‘Extended Properties’ are different from Authentication and Authorization (the extended properties can use the same admin account, however the variables for the credentials are different ).

  1. Replace the ‘xxxxxxx’ and ‘YOUR.ANGEL.SERVER.URL’ above with your actual values.
  2. Make sure the ‘API_USER’ environment variable is available with an Angel user account associated with the variable.
  3. Replace ‘APIUser’ with an Angel user who is associated with the ‘API_USER’ environment variable.

Possible protocol values: “https” or “http”

  • Save the Gradebook settings then “Save & Continue”


Proceed here to enable the Gradebook option.



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