How To: Enable Closed Caption Workflow for 3PlayMedia

Tegrity provides automated Closed Captioning support using 3PlayMedia’s API Management feature.


  • An active account with 3PlayMedia.
  • Your API Key and Secret.

3PlayMedia Key and Secret:

  • Login to your 3PlayMedia user account. (ie.
  • Click the Settings link in the upper-right corner of the site:


  • Click the link ‘API Management‘ located in the Basic Settings Column:


  • Here you will find your API Key information.  click on the ‘+details‘ link to expand the account information and obtain your API Key.
  • Copy the Key and Secret information.  You will need this later to Integrate Tegrity with 3PlayMedia.

Tegrity Integration:

  • From the Tegrity Admin Dashboard, go to Advanced Service Settings in the Service Settings and Maintenance window.









  • Check the box ‘Enabled captioning workflow‘ in the Automated Captioning window.

Tegrity_Captioning Workflow

  • Paste or type in the API Key and Secret obtained from your 3PlayMedia Account.
  • For Turnaround time requirements; Tegrity supports Standard, Expedited, Rush, Same Day, and 2 Hours.  Please contact your 3PlayMedia representative to find out which option(s) works best for your use.
  • Click OK to save the Automated Captioning settings.

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