How to: Edit an automatically generated closed captioning file (voice-to-text)

Also see: Closed Captions Editor

This article gives a brief explanation on how to edit an automatically generated closed captioning file.

Step 1. Login to the course that has the recording you wish to edit and select that recording .

Auto Generate image 2

Under “Recording Task” select “Edit Recording”

edit image 1

Select “Download Closed Captioning”

edit image 2

At the bottom of the screen select  “Download Closed Captions”

edit image 3

Check your download folder for the “” file that downloaded.

edit image 4

Open the “” file with a text editor such as Note Pad or Note Pad ++

Then make any necessary change to the file that you would like, then save the file.

edit image 5

Return to the Admin dashboard edit screen and select “Add Closed Captioning”  then the “Select” button

edit image 6

Browse to your edited “” file and select it

edit image 7

At the bottom of the screen select “Add Closed Captions”

edit image 8

Then Select “OK”

edit image 9

At this point it is recommended that you review the recording to insure its accuracy

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