How To: Download Closed Captioning

Access the Tegrity course where the recording is located in the usual way

Check the box to the right of the recording

Roll your cursor over Recording Tasks and select Edit Recording

Click Download Closed Captioning at the top of the list

Note: The caption file will be in the SubRip Subtitle or SRT format.

Click the Download Closed Captions button at the bottom of the list to obtain the captioning text file.  Save the file to a location you can remember later.

Example SRT format:

00:00:01.5360000 –> 00:00:05.1200000
Hello and welcome to this Tegrity Recording Class

00:00:05.3760000 –> 00:00:08.4480000
Here you will learn about Video recordings in this

00:00:09.2160000 –> 00:00:11.7760000
class. Take your time to view all the other recordings


You can edit the SRT manually and then re-import the file back into the recording as needed.

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