How to: Install and use the Tegrity Scheduler

Features of the Tegrity Scheduler:

  • Create and maintain automated recording schedules for specific classroom computers.
  • Create recurring recording schedules for ongoing courses.
  • Create one-time recording schedules for special events such as guest lectures.
  • Specify whether an instructor is notified when recording begins and ends.
  • Specify whether to launch the recorder start dialog and end dialog at the pre-scheduled times.
  • Copy, cut-and-paste and delete recording schedules.

Note: You must be an authorized Tegrity administrator to use the Tegrity Scheduler.

Downloading the Scheduler

1. Access your admin dashboard and locate Download Scheduler

Dashboard download scheduler

2. Download the installation file

3.Run the program after the initial download is complete

4. A setup wizard will walk you through the download, which will take only a few minutes. Click Finish when complete and the Tegrity Scheduler will be installed with a shortcut placed on your desktop.

Using the Tegrity Scheduler:

1. Double-click the Tegrity Scheduler icon that was automatically placed on your desktop upon download.

2. The Tegrity Scheduler Server Address window appears. Enter the URL or IP address of your Tegrity Web Service and click OK.

3. The Tegrity Scheduler login window appears. Enter the Tegrity Web Service Administrator username and password and click “OK”.

4. The Tegrity Scheduler window appears.

Navigating through the basics

-The Tegrity Scheduler toolbar is circled above in red. All main controls are located here.

-Labeled “calendar“, this window is the work area. Each column represents a day. Each row represents an hour of the day.

-The window shows one week with a current day initially selected. Circled in green above, you may click  in the toolbar to advance the calendar to the new week. Click  in the toolbar to return to the previous week.

-For your convenience, time cells with a white background indicate standard work hours, which time cells with a blue background indicate weekends and off-work hours. However, recordings can be scheduled in both white and blue cells.

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