How To: Cut/Edit a Recording

Access the Tegrity course where the recording is located in the usual way

Check the box to the right of the recording

Roll your cursor over Recording Tasks and select Edit Recording

Click  Cut at the top of the list

The Editing window is where you place the Start time (From:) and End time (To:) to remove the unneeded content.

From: This is where the start of the cut will begin where playback content is to be remove.

To: This is where the end of the cut will be and where playback will resume.


  • From / To time format are in the  HH:MM:SS format.
  • You can use the slider in the Playback editor to measure the From: and To: times.
  • You can type the From: and To: times in manually, but you must keep the colons.

Click the blue Cut button at the bottom of the menu.  You will get a final warning that the operation cannot be undone.








Click Ok to accept the cut.

Once the cut is complete you will see that the overall recording is now shorter than the original.

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