How to: Cut and paste scheduled recordings using Tegrity Scheduler

The Tegrity Scheduler allows you to cut and paste scheduled times throughout your schedule at any time. Here’s how:

1. Select File > Open. The “Open Tegrity Schedule” window appears.

2. Select the name of the classroom computer where your schedule is located. Click “Open”. The Tegrity Scheduler window appears displaying the schedule for the selected classroom computer.

3. Click an occurrence of the class you want to cut and pastes.

4. Click  in the Tegrity Scheduler toolbar, which is circled below in red.

5. Click the date and time to which you want to paste the recording schedule.

6. Click  in the Tegrity Scheduler toolbar.

7. If the cut occurrence is a single recording, the occurrence is pasted into the new selected time. Continue with step 9.

If the cut occurrence is a part of a recurring recording, the “Confirm Cut” window appears.

8. Click “Cut the series” to copy all scheduled recordings of this class, OR “Cut this occurrence” to copy only the occurrence you selected.

9. Click “OK”. The series or individual occurrence is deleted from its original location and copied to its new location.

10. Publish the schedule (see below).

Note: You can also select File > Publish As to save a schedule. This option allows you to publish a schedule to a different computer than the one originally selected. This option should be used with caution because it overwrites an existing schedule if such a schedule exists.

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