How to: Customize the User Interface

As an administrator, you have the ability to customize Tegrity’s appearance to students and faculty.


1.  Log in to the Tegrity Admin Dashboard.

2.  Locate the Service Settings and Maintenance section and select Customize User Interface.

3. Bars & Images section

  • Logo – Click the Choose File button to select an image of your choice to be displayed in the  upper left hand corner (e.g. the fish).  Supported image formats include jpg, gif, and png with a size of 240 pixels x 40 pixels
  • Text – Edit the default “Welcome to Tegrity!” text which will appear below the logo in the upper left hand corner (e.g. “Welcome to Tegrity”)
  • Color – Click the drop-down box to select a color using the “Web Pallette” or adjust a color using the “RGB Sliders”, “HSB”, or “HSV”.  This will replace the bar that runs horizontally across the top (e.g. blue bar)

4.  Body Text section

  • Enter the text that you want to appear on the Login page (below the banner and above the user ID and password fields), such as an introduction to Tegrity, links to the Tegrity Help Site, etc.  Pictured below is the default text.

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