How to: Create User Accounts Using the MS Excel Dataset Template

Admin Dashboard

To create user accounts on your Tegrity Instance using the “Manage Excel Users” option on the “Administrative Dashboard”, you will need to login to your instance as the Tegrity Administrator and access the option located in the “Users” section of the dashboard.

To access the MS Excel dataset course template that you will need to create the courses and enroll users, click here to download the template.

After clicking the link, you can choose to “Open” or “Save” the file to your computer.


On the first page of the MS Excel dataset template, you will find instructions that will guide you through the process of creating your user accounts.

On the second worksheet called “Users” is where you will input the user account data.  Begin creating user accounts  by entering the appropriate data into the appropriate header at the top of the worksheet (i.e.:  ID=userID [trodgers]).  After entering all of the data for the user accounts, “Save” the dataset template on your computer where it can be easily accessed.  (NOTE:  Do not rename the tabs on the worksheets or change the file format of the template as this will cause the import process to fail.)

The dataset file that you just created using the MS Excel template allows you to batch create user accounts.  To complete the process, navigate back to the “Manage Excel Users” interface on the “Administrative Dashboard” and click on the “Select” button.  You will need to point Tegrity to the user dataset file.  Once you have located the file, click “Open”.

After pointing Tegrity to the dataset template, click the “Import” button to start the user creation process.  If the import of the data is successful, you will receive confirmation data in the field box below stating “Fetching existing users” and “Users were updated”.  If you receive any other messages such as error messages in the field box, be sure to review the dataset template to ensure that the data has been entered correctly and that there are no special characters or extra spaces incorporated.  (NOTE:  If the import process is unsuccessful, please contact our Customer Support department to obtain assistance.)


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