How to: Create a Closed Caption (CC) file

The following are Tegrity’s recommendations on how to create the closed caption text file.

1. While viewing the recording, transcribe the audio into a plain text (*.txt) file using Notepad, TextEdit or other word/text processing software that can output plain text . Do not include any special characters.

2. While transcribing, add a blank line to indicate when there is a change on the screen (i.e., separate text into a paragraph per slide).

3. After the transcription is completed, add a line with 90 characters at the top of the text file to be the caption text length guide:


4. Next, add the caption time index to the left of each line of transcribed text:


5. Use the caption text length guide to adjust the length of each line so that it does not exceed 90 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation.

6. Add a new caption time index in between each line of text.

  • In Tegrity, on the recording listing page, display the recording thumbnails. Use the first time indicator for each thumbnail as the time marker at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Each line of text should stay on the screen for a minimum of 5 to 8 seconds (i.e., each time break needs to be at least 6 to 8 seconds apart). So, add from [00:00:05.000] to [00:00:08.000] to the time stamp of the line above.
  • Make sure that the caption time indexes are consecutively increasing.

7. Repeat the process of adding caption time indexes between lines. Make sure that that each line does not exceed 90 characters.

8. After the last line of text, add a caption time index that is equal to (or less than) the total recording length.

9. Remove the 90 character caption text length guide at the top of the file.

The resultant closed captioned file should look something like the following:

Note: Special Characters such as ‘&’ may cause issues.  Please try replacing these with alphanumeric characters

[00:00:08.000] Hi, I am the Tegrity Client Services Manager at McGraw-Hill Education.
[00:00:15.000] Today I’m going to speak about the Tegrity Campus Playback experience.
[00:00:22.000] Specifically, we are going to go over the details of how the Tegrity
[00:00:28.000] complies with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.

Click here for a Template file and Example txt file.

For more information, please check: How to: Add Closed Captioning (CC) to a recording

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