How to: Configure advanced filters

Advanced filters

Using the “Advanced Filters” option in Single Sign-On Interlinks you can control which of your courses automatically receive Tegrity links.

filter location

You have 3 different options:

  1. Include everything, exclude nothing.  – This creates a Tegrity link in all courses.
  2. Exclude everything, include nothing. –  No Tegrity links are created.
  3. CSV lists – only courses listed in the CSV file receive Tegrity links.

advanced filter

If you chose Include everything, exclude nothing or Exclude everything, include nothing, click “Save”.

If you choose “CSV lists”, create a list of the course  IDs you wish to include. You can type in a list of course IDs, one per line, or you can load an existing CSV list.

To create a CSV list:

1. Use Excel to organize the information. Insert the IDs into individual cells.

For example:


2. Save the file as a “CSV (Comma delimited)”.


To upload the CSV file:  Click “Choose File” browse to the CSV list you created


Click Load CSV to load the list.

Choose “save” to finish

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