How to: Change the publishing setting

The default publishing setting for Tegrity is to publish a recording after it is uploaded. You can change the default setting so that recordings are not published automatically. You can modify the publishing setting for individual recordings at a later time. This article shows you how to change the default publishing setting and how to publish and unpublish specific recordings.

Change the publishing setting for a course

  • Go to your Courses and select the course for which you want to disable automatic publishing
  • Roll over Course Tasks and select Course Settings
  • The settings menu will appear. Uncheck Publish recordings after upload
  • You may also uncheck Automatically publish student recordings, if you do not wish for your students’ recordings to be published after they are uploaded

Note: Recordings that are not published will only be visible to the instructor. Unpublished recordings are not visible to students.

4. Click OK at the bottom of the page to save the settings

Publish Manually

Note: Changes to the publishing setting only apply to new recordings uploaded to this course. The updated setting does not apply to existing recordings in this course, whether instructor or student recordings.

Change the publishing setting for a recording

When you finish a recording, a dialog box will appear asking “Do you want to end the recording?” Select “Upload” and click “Yes”

Upload in Background

Your recording will upload to Tegrity, but it will not be published.

In the course’s recordings page, you will see the status of the uploaded recording. Once the recording has completed the upload process, you will see on the right that the recording is Not Published.

Upload Manually Not Published

To change the publishing setting for this recording, check the box at the far right of the recording title, roll over Recording Tasks, and select Publish.

Upload Manually Select Publish

In the “Publish” dialog box, select one of the publishing options and click Save.

Publish Recording

Your recording will now be published according to the option you selected.

If you wish to change the publishing setting for another recording, repeat the steps for manually publishing a recording.

For information on how to view your uploading queue, click here.

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