How to: Archive Courses

Log in in as a Tegrity administrator, under the “Courses” section, click “View Course List”. Once in the “All Courses” dashboard, select the courses you would like to archive by clicking on the check-box next to each course. When each course has been selected, select “Archive” from the “Course Tasks” drop-down.


Depending on the volume of courses selected;  Please allow enough time for the transfer to Archive to complete.  Note that the recordings are being copied to the Archive service, so you will need to purge courses once the transfer is completed.  Refer here to  Purge courses and associated content.

* The Admin Dashboard will note when the archive process has completed with a time stamp in the Events and Alerts section.

Example: 4/16/2015 1:33:20 PM  Course Computer Science 101A (101A_ComputerScience) was archived successfully.

Click here for instructions on restoring archived courses.

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